Sunday, September 28, 2008

the g-ville and the damage done

let's not pretend that we didn't become instantaneous locals in our attempt to review the Greenwich Village tavern on Lorain Ave. located right by Eco-village, wherever and whatever the fuck that is, g-villy is "the spot"... if you are a scrapper, scraper, or otherwise local degenerate. They have a menu, if they feel like it, they have cold beers and mixed drinks, if whoever on duty knows how to make it, and they have the most crucial element of a true cleveland dive bar- a jukebox loaded full of classic rock, country, r&b, and other shit to make a tear roll down your face as you watch local television with the other patrons. it also firmly lacks any infiltration whatsoever of ironic mustaches or otherwise misguided hipsters, yet another dive bar check plus.

g-ville is a winner, just dont you tell no fuckin body!

next up, beanies no-slack saloon...

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